Fully integrated Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) with Cradle.

Build models from a choice of 30 different diagram types..

Cradle supports multiple modelling notations: classical modelling: Functional, Architecture, Data and object oriented: UML, SysML. Use one or a combination of all three, it’s your choice. Link your requirements, test cases and any other project data to your models for full traceability from requirements into design and through to verification.

Cradle supports the following diagram types:

Classical Diagram Types

  • AID Architecture Interconnect
  • PAD Physical Architecture
  • DFD Data Flow
  • STD State Transition
  • ERD Entity Relationship
  • DSD Data Structure
  • STC Structure Charts
  • eFFBD extended Function Flow
  • PFD Process Flow
  • IDEF0 Integration Definition
  • SAD Software Architecture (ADARTS)
  • ASG Ada Structure Graphs (ADARTS)

UML Diagram Types

  • UCD Use Case
  • SQD Sequence
  • COD Collaboration
  • CD Class
  • SCD State Chart
  • ACD Activity Chart
  • PD Package
  • CPD Component
  • DPD Deployment

SysML Diagram Types

  • UC Use Case
  • BDD Block Definition
  • IBD Internal Block
  • PKJ Package
  • ACT Activity
  • SD Sequence
  • STM State Machine
  • PAR Parametric
  • REQ Requirement

Why use multiple tools from different vendors and struggle to demonstrate traceability when you can do it all with ease in Cradle!