Your information is safe with Cradle.

Cradle has extensive features to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your data.

Cradle is secure, reliable and resilient. Your data is protected at multiple levels with user access control, tool access control, inbuilt security classifications with user definable values, access rights including ownership, user privileges, item status and attribute based access control, concurrency control with item level locks allowing 1 read write and N read only operations.

Cradle is a client server system. All data in a Cradle database is stored on the Cradle Database Server CDS. The CDS supports hardware encryption, firewalls and DMZ. Cradle does not require access to any external resources including the internet therefore cradle can be installed on a completely isolated network as required by many defence projects. Cradle is security accredited and InfoSec verified.

Securely protect your intellectual property, trade secrets and classified information with Cradle!