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Distributors for 3SL Cradle – Systems Engineering tools for agile and traditional project delivery methods.

Cradle, the only tool on the market that supports the entire systems engineering lifecycle

  • Manage all of your projects data in one tool
  • Integrated Model Based Systems Engineering
  • Cross lifecycle end to end traceability regardless of the complexity of your projects data
  • Unrivalled traceability, only tool on the market that supports indirect (transitive) cross referencing
  • Cost effective modular, floating and dynamic licences
  • Fully customisable via point and click interface, no scripting required

Cradle, the industrial strength, multi user, secure and massively scalable data management tool with:

  • Built in Configuration Management (CM) System
  • Sophisticated data capture tools
  • Bi-directional link to MS Project
  • Productivity enhancing phase hierarchy and start pages
  • Professional document publishing capability
  • Extensive reporting and graphical KPI’s
  • Built in spellchecker and conformance checker

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Manage all your projects data in one place with a tailored environment to maximise productivity.